West End Show: Thriller Live

  • Not a big Michael Jackson fan but so many of the songs familiar
  • Basically it’s just a concert, not much story or drama, but that’s fine
  • Some amazingly impressive pieces, spectacular staging and ‘big’ music
  • Loved the band being revealed and joining in on stage – exciting
  • Nice variety of solo voices, maybe could’ve done with more than one female voice
  • The ‘rock’ voice (long haired white guy) was a fantastic feature and gave variety
  • Good dancing, though some of the cast caught the eye/stood out, others were just bland
  • An ending/encore that doesn’t disappoint – you think, surely we get to see the main MJ dancer again, and you do
  • Didn’t like the enforced audience participation – ‘had the audience dancing in the aisles’ isn’t quite fair as praise, when the audience have been told to stand up and dance by the cast!
  • Didn’t like the commentary/narration plugging how wonderful MJ was – unnecessary, could’ve been toned down a bit

Marks out of ten for general enjoyment/entertainment value: 9

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