Found Literature 2019

Selected snippets of conversations overheard ‘in passing’

(All genuine!!)

(Most intriguing when it makes you wonder what’s being referred to!)


No puppies allowed in my house!

Until we know what we want to create, there’s no point drafting anything, is there.

To spend weekends going round markets is my idea of hell.

I’ve just spent seventy quid on you!

I still don’t really understand how there’s such a divide.

How nice is it that it’s sunny?

I don’t BLAME you for having had too much to drink today, but you HAVE.

We were reminiscing about when we wore mink coats..

I just ended up painting loads and loads of robins – I don’t know why, there was just something in me.

I always have to watch my step.

He’s lost so much weight in his face, he looks ten times better.

I’ve been trying to sneeze for about 25 minutes.

What do you do all day?

It smells of cash, dunnit.

It’s the holding and caressing – if that’s lacking, what’s the point?

That sandwich I had in the canteen was rank!

I don’t do shit for free, man.

Thanks for letting me know – at least now I know.

I’m very worried about the frogs.

I’ll have that one – I like a rabbit.

I’ll be back at work a week Monday, whether it hurts or not.

It hasn’t deteriorated but it hasn’t got better.

The one we usually meet in to exchange dogs.

Gone are the days when people that age had their own place.

I’ve been here 5 or 6 times and I’ve never…

Lavender’s quite easy to grow.

…a tsunami of products.

We need to show these kids that we don’t care.

I know it’s basic to you but it’s not to me.

I’m not ACTUALLY going to kill myself – just figuratively.