Found Literature 2011

Snippets of conversations overheard ‘in passing’

(All genuine!!)

I hate the whole world!

I feel quite naked without earrings on.

I’m literally ecstatic!

It’s impossible to live like that in this day and age.

You tell me!  If you won’t tell me I won’t know!

I love his down-to-earth-ness, his impossible-to-ruffle-ness.

I get nothing but the piss taken out of me now.

I feel as if I’ve had many lives already.

I think we’ve got hassle factor.

Close of play this evening I can get you two hundred and fifty quid.

I’ve been reading the Daily Express ever since I was a schoolboy.

Well, this has got a nice 18th Century feel to it.

Of course you’re not, I’m always here for you.

No-one can take it away from me.

It’s not allowed in today’s society, is it.

I wear numerous hats.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

It’s such an English thing to do – to celebrate failure.

You used to sit outside to avoid the smokers, now you sit inside to avoid the smokers.

She got another geezer now?

It was all a bit of a blur, to be honest.

Nothing you can do in that situation, is there?

She disappoints me, I must admit.

Seriously, you can’t chat to me in the morning, I’m just not there.

She’s got his Rolex.

He goes to about 18 weddings a year.

I love my ring, I’m really happy with it.

This is something I can explore over my whole lifetime.

Do you like Woody Allen movies?

If they don’t have it in stock, that means they don’t have it in stock.

I made a Chinese lady very happy.

Too many pregnant nurses.

At least I’m making money!

I’ve got no-one else to talk to about this situation.

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