Found Literature 2020

Selected snippets of conversations overheard ‘in passing’

(All genuine!!)

(Most intriguing when it makes you wonder what’s being referred to!)

I just want a pet I can pick up and hug and it won’t run away.

People don’t see what we see, do they?

She used to be mad about unicorns but she’s gone onto llamas a bit.

It’s not like a song you sing every day.

Between you and I, we’re a hundred as well.

She tells one person half of one story and somebody else the second half.

Yes, absolutely I can!  Are you hurt?

Oh, I’ve got another onion.

I really feel like I want to go in the sea again.

Helen makes a fabulous Thai Green Curry now.

Our first August in England for ten years!

The other way you can do it is if you use a fork.

This is heaven!

Can you make me a beagle?  No, but I’ll make you a bagel.

Where’s all the happiness gone?  I don’t know.