Thank you for visiting my writing website.

In early 2015 I lost my dear husband of nearly 30 years.  This horrible and unexpected bereavement drove me to write down my feelings, in the form of letters addressed to him. These have become a book; A Widow’s Words.  It expresses my grief and is also a record of his life and of our relationship. Maybe it will resonate with others who have lost a loved one.

As I have been made more aware of my own mortality, I feel driven towards creativity and expressing myself, so I have set up this website as a way of presenting (some of) my writing to the world.

I therefore hope someone may like to read two other books I have written – People and Places (non-fiction) and Out of My Mind (fiction).  Several free chapters are available on the relevant pages.

I have also produced a non-fiction book about overeating problems, Foodfight, and a free children’s story, Mountain Magic, the Wild White Horses of the Alps. I am also including on this website various other short stories and poems.

I was writing a ‘Bereavement Blog’ here, and have included the early part of this, and also ‘John’s Blog From Heaven’, within A Widow’s Words.  I have now started a ‘General Blog (with Photos)’ which I will add to on occasion.

I invite you to explore this site and hopefully enjoy my writing.  It is my legacy, my (eventual!) epitaph. Comments and feedback very welcome – thank you.  (Happy to send out review copies on request.)


Here are some quick links to selected pages on this site:

Dear John – the introduction to A Widow’s Words

Old Sarum – a piece describing a particular place which made me think about writing again and led to People and Places

The Guernsey Underground Hospital – another special place

Old Father Thames – encounters Queen Elizabeth I

The Meeting – a rather cynical short story commenting on the world of work

The Ghost Horse of Hyde Park – a poem inspired by a horse statue in the park

A Cat, A Wardrobe and a Witch – an early chapter from my story Out Of My Mind

©  All content Copyright Cathy Penman 2015+

Please see also my photography site

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