Imaginary Companions

Me and my companions three, travel onwards happily.

Fledge, my private pegasus, soars up high o’er train and bus.

Sometimes coming down to run across the open fields for fun.

And if he spies me, down below, he’ll land nearby to say hello.

(Often in the dead of night, he’ll take me on a moonlit flight,

Swooping, soaring, climbing high, into the magic starry sky.)

My second secret childhood friend, will be close by me till the end.

Though years may pass when I forget, she comes whene’er I call her, yet.

Cheena is my pal of old, a panther, black and sleek and bold.

She’s curled up now against my feet, sleeping in the lazy heat,

But when I walk she tends much more to run around me and explore.

I’ll watch her walk along a wall, she’ll leap towards me when I call.

She’s prowling on a roof right now, above an unsuspecting cow.

(Imaginary cats DO eat, but only imaginary meat.)

Last and least, only in size – a six inch donkey, Ned, who flies.

He flutters gently to and fro, going with me where I go.

There, he’s trotting on the table; now that shoebox is his stable.

He’s always cheerful, lots of fun, my sweet and comic little one.

Here we all are, up a mountain, in a cafe by a fountain.

Fledge is grazing on the slope, enjoying alpine grass I hope.

Cheena’s found a sunny spot; she’ll quit it when it gets too hot.

Ned has had a ride with Fledge; now he’s up on Cheena’s ledge,

Jumping on her sleeping back.  (Careful Ned, you’ll get a thwak.)

I am sitting with a drink, having quite a peaceful think.

On my own, I could be lonely, here with no companion, only –

I have not one friend, but three, going everywhere with me.