Found Literature 2013

Snippets of conversations overheard ‘in passing’ 

(All genuine!!)

I never thought in a million years I’d end up on my own at this age.

He’s one of those people you could write a book about.

I said, if ever you don’t find somebody and want a child, I’ll give you a child.

Isn’t it a kind of sausage?

I wanna DO something with my life!

I’m in the 3% of people that has teeth missing.

What you could do is stop arguing, that would be a start!

But intellectually, he didn’t challenge me the way I like to be challenged.

I’m not a vegetarian – I just don’t eat meat.

I quite enjoy going to the cinema on my own, it’s good.

Do I see your name on my birth certificate?!

He’s not thinking it the way you’re thinking it.

So my experience is quite broad within a narrow field.

His trousers were at half mast.

I’ve got to wait 26 months!

Do I look like I’m selling something?

I found it really outraging.

They basically neglected her needs for years.

I loved it – I just kept hearing all the words I wanted to hear.

I just get the feeling that the whole world’s going to have a barbeque today.

They’re big but they’re not very big in actuality.

I was tempted for a nanosecond.

In my dream Fran was pregnant with my child, so I killed her.

That weird fruit that doesn’t look like fruit, it looks like hand grenades.

We need to build a reputation fast and blow everybody away.

Well, EVERYTHING I say seems to really upset you!!

Yes, sunshine and snow is a nice combination.

I think he’s going to propose next week.

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