Found Literature 2018

Selected snippets of conversations overheard ‘in passing’

(All genuine!!)

(Most intriguing when it makes you wonder what’s being referred to!)


It’s the ultimate insult!

We are different, but the basics are more or less the same.

I’m not your on call Marketing Manager!

Must be fifteen if not sixteen years.

If you ask any man, no man would ….

We’ve actually gone backwards and they’ve just gone forwards.

I just wanted to give you a heads up but don’t say you heard it from me.

That’s what management’s supposed to be about.

It’s better to speak to Abdullah cos he’s the head man, isn’t it.

If I had a choice I’d have to say I’d rather go to Greece than Spain.

You get so little of it now that you really notice it.

It’s just like a normal job, but you get paid double.

Are you still sending me fifty this Saturday?

The sofa arrives on Monday when we’re in Switzerland.

He designs suits for a living!

I’m struggling with who I should be right now – I wanna be myself.

You clearly pushed over their donkey.

You can park where you want sweetheart, just not over there.

If you shout, the man driving the train will tell you we’ve got to get off.

I’m quite lucky that my husband’s more sensible than me.

She can transform into a butterfly!

They don’t understand the market.

I used to, at the beginning of the relationship.

I’m actually not joking, this weather’s actually illegal!

I think dogs need to be big.

She’s falling off her perch all the time.

I love you and I still think about you after all this time.

Maybe you should get yourself a horse.

I just couldn’t do it – who wants to do it in the morning anyway?