I’ve Given Up OR Not A Suicide Note

I’ve given up on a career;

I’ll have to grin and bear it here.

I’ve given up on business plans;

I’m just one of the also-rans.


I’ve given up on wealth and fame;

I didn’t try, so I’m to blame.

I’ll never be a major star;

I could have been, but there you are.


I’ll never own a property

With lots of rooms, beside the sea.

I’ll never learn to ride a horse;

I’ll never fly a plane, of course.


I’ll never have a baby now;

I didn’t want one anyhow.

I’ll never make another friend;

There’s just yours truly in the end.


I don’t believe he’ll ever change;

I guess it isn’t all that strange.

I don’t believe I’ll change myself;

Failure has arrived by stealth.


But don’t worry…


On the turgid, overflowing cup

Of life itself – I’ll not give up.


(January 2007)

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