Found Literature

Snippets of conversations overheard ‘in passing’

(All genuine!!)


The one-line statements on these pages are not meant to form any sort of narrative; each is separate.

The ‘literature’ element is in their selection.  There is everything from tragedy to humour.  I particularly like statements that suggest a story, or make you wonder about what is going on, or about the people or relationships concerned.

Anyway, I hope you’ll understand what I’m getting at when you read them.

Click on title/link below to view each page (or use drop-down menu).

Found Literature 2009

Found Literature 2010

Found Literature 2011

Found Literature 2012

Found Literature 2013

Found Literature 2014

Found Literature 2015

Found Literature 2016

Found Literature 2017

Found Literature New York (the original inspiration)

..Please use drop down menu for more recent years.

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