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The Ghost Horse Of Hyde Park

A Week In The Park

The Juror

Change At The V&A

The Holocaust Memorial

Bored At Work

Lines Written On The Occasion Of Losing My Job

Lines Composed On the Occasion Of John Completing The Pennine Way

The Souls Of My Unborn Children


I’ve Given Up

I Know What I Am

Waiting For A Leaf

The Weight of Memories


Old Father Thames  (Work in Progress)

It’s Happening Now!

Atlanta 1996

Dying of Profundity

A Cat’s Adventures

King Richard the Third’s Song (from ‘RoseWar’ the Musical)

The Compromise Chariot (An Overeating Metaphor)


Shrinking World

Imaginary Companions

The Missing Saucepan

Antwerp Zoo


Very early poems inspired by pictures on cards:

The Maiden And The Deer

View From The Window – Swallows

View From The Window – Farmhouse

The Water Nymph

Early Profundity

Letter To My Sister

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