The Missing Saucepan

The Mystery Of The Missing Saucepan

Possible Explanations


Borrowed by a visitor who quite forgot to say.

Accidentally fell into the rubbish bag one day.

Hidden by the children who are sticking to the joke.

Burgled as a dare by some nasty local bloke.

Carried to the garden to pick figs when they were ripe.

Plumber grabbed container when he mended leaky pipe.

Less than honest decorator slipped it in his bag.

Builder needed ashtray when he nipped out for a fag.

Hidden when you sleepwalked one morning while you napped.

Left in boot of car which was towed away and scrapped.

Put into the freezer with a surplus batch of veg.

Fell behind the oven where it’s stuck under a ledge.

Teenage yobo pinched it when he came to get a ball,

(His dad goes to boot sales so he sold it on his stall).

A cat or fox got in the house and dragged it down the street.

Some laundry fell on top of it, it’s covered by a sheet.

Criminals were testing a new robotic drone.

Pilfered by the postman when you were on the phone.

Stolen by a spy because it featured in a crime.

Vital to your future self, travelling back in time.

Giant demon seagull needed weapon to kill crow.

Flock of thieving magpies much more clever than we know.

Selected by an alien sent to sample random things.

Garden fairies wanted somewhere new to wash their wings.

In parallel dimension, with another just the same.

God was feeling bored, so he teased you as a game.

It’s been made invisible; it’s still in the same place.

Beamed up by the Enterprise, so currently in space.

Hypnosis TV show pulled a stunning worldwide trick,

(Every other household is now missing its non-stick).

What’s the answer really?  More likely than not,

You moved it somewhere different and quite simply forgot!