Into the kitchen, crept a wee mouse

Out of the rain, and into the house!


In a big armchair, sound asleep,

Sat a big human, all in a heap.


Trembled the house mouse, frightened and yet

Fearing to run away, lest he got wet.


To the next shelter, half a mouse-mile!

Sudden the wee mouse smiled a wee smile.


Why don’t I hide here, all warm and dry,

Away from the water that falls from the sky?


I just need a place where I cannot be seen.

And he set off towards a big washing machine.


Soon he was scurrying, bold as could be.

Soon woke the human – good gracious me!


Rats!  It’s a house mouse! loud he lamented

But fear not – for glue traps have now been invented!

Next day the mouse tried his best to escape,

Stepped on a trap and – died a horrible death because that’s what happens to nasty vermin who invade our house and upset us!!!


(Refers to: ‘The Elf and the Doormouse’ by Oliver Herford  CLICK HERE TO READ THIS ORIGINAL)

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