Out Of My Mind


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One day, a young girl called Laura discovers that she has a very special talent.  As she grows up, she nurtures it – but always in secret.  She is right in thinking that she might be in danger, should anyone find out about her unusual mental ability and seek to exploit it.  The day comes when she realises she can do something even more amazing than she’d ever dreamed.  And now she finds herself in a very unique, very dangerous and very lonely situation.  Can she continue to avoid those who pursue her?  And how can she make the best possible use of her amazing secret skill?

SAMPLE CHAPTERS: (click on numbered chapter heading for link)

Chapter 1

MARK    “You’ve missed her”

Chapter 2

LAURA’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY    A Cat, A Wardrobe and a Witch

Chapter 6

TOM    “All a bit mysterious”

Chapter 12

PAUL    “I need to find you”


A Review of Out Of My Mind

Cathy Penman messaged me through my blog, and asked me if I would like to read her book.  I said yes – of course, and now I know – I made a very good decision that day!

Out Of My Mind is a book unlike any other that I have read. It is a fantasy book, with a huge sum of reality and psychological thoughts.

We follow the adventures of Laura, who is a woman with a special ability – to get out of her own body, and let her mind flow around in the air. She decides to keep her ability secret, because of all the risks she is under.

While her body is motionless, her mind can go places, see things and hear everything, but she can’t interfere with anything. She is just an invisible watcher.

The book is written with a lovely pace, and it made me unable to put the book down. It involves a lot of Points of View, from many different people, and even though for a moment I would lose track with all their adventures, they always connect to Laura’s story.

This book is amazing for so many amazing reasons, and I am so glad I got the chance to read it!

With thanks to Ivana



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