The Weight of Memories



So many memories crowd around

As I stand beside where you rest in the ground.

Twenty nine years, a lifetime shared.

So many things about which we both cared.


Going on holiday, sun on the beach.

Remember before it all drifts out of reach!

Tapas in Spain and pizza in Rome.

Annual anxiety about leaving home.


All the pub lunches, all the nice meals,

All the antique stalls, looking for deals.

Watching the telly, sharing a joke,

Buying you wine or a beer or a coke.


Stately home gardens, the odd County Show,

Walking around a nice park in the snow.

Paris and Switzerland, Vienna, Berlin,

Shops, zoos and palaces – where to begin?


New York in summer, impossible heat,

Open top busses, hot dogs on the street.

Plays seen in London, operas too.

Ballets and concerts – oh dear, quite a few.


In all of these memories, you’re there by my side.

No wonder I’ve cried and I’ve cried and I’ve cried.

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