King Richard the Third’s Song

From ‘RoseWar’ the Musical

(Penultimate number, dying on battlefield – spotlight, centre or front of stage, carnage all around)

(Minor key, reflective but dramatic)


A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!

I won’t be beaten, won’t be slain,

I’ll be up on a horse again.

This land, this land, I’ve tried my best to rule,

They cannot take it now from me,

I won’t be made a fool.

I’ve loved this country with a passion, fought to keep it from my foes.

I’ve had a taste of glory, but I’ve suffered too – God only knows.

If this is my undoing, oh they’ll tell so many lies of me.

The truth will be forgotten, as they write a different history.

Though fate may see me as a clown,

I know I’m worthy of this crown.

There has not been a better man

To own this land,

Since this long war began.

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.

I cannot die here, not today,

Dear God, it cannot end this way.

The boys, the boys,

I wish they were alive,

For they would know, through everything,

And they could tell the world

That I was not – an evil king.

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