Bored At Work

Bored at work – nothing to do.

Playing Patience – nothing new!

Seem to have the boredom jinx.

Firms have too much cash, methinks!

Be proactive, I’ve been told;

It’s a myth that we’ve been sold!

There’s a limit to what’s poss

When you’ve got a useless boss.

Can’t keep asking for more work,

If it makes you look a jerk.

So it’s time to get online;

Anything to pass the time.

Visit chat rooms, surf the net,

Play a game or place a bet.

Book a trip or buy a book.

Gossip website?  Take a look.

Mountain webcam?  Worth a glance.

Love to be there; not much chance.

Look for jobs; not much about;

Ought to give those guys a shout.

Hours still slowly crawling by.

Staring at the cloudy sky,

Out the window, in the park,

Watch a silly spaniel bark.

Still not over – going mad.

(What a crap career I’ve had!)

One more hour til I go home.

I know what!  I’ll write a poem!


(February 2006)

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