West End Show: Jersey Boys

  • Really enjoyed this more than expected (well, hadn’t known what to expect)
  • Great musical numbers, so many songs familiar, turned me into a retrospective fan
  • Loved the harmony piece by the piano when the fourth guy first joins them
  • Enjoyed the build up to the first solo piece – something originally dismissed which ends up being the biggest hit yet – feel-good factor!
  • Well structured story – staging was kept interesting, more drama/acting than ‘Thriller’
  • Nice touches of humour
  • I’m sure it’s trying to be authentic, but shame about the swearing which slightly jarred and made it something I wouldn’t want to take my elderly mother to
  • Loved the effect when they show the black and white film at the same time as the live action – shame it couldn’t have been the real band on the film, but probably couldn’t get permission for that

Marks out of ten for general enjoyment/entertainment value: 9

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