View From The Window – Farmhouse

Painting of view from window, farm buildings, chickens, apple tree, countryside

I water all the house plants and dust along the sill.

I see the barn door’s open – that must be little Bill.

There was a time when I myself would get up with the dawn

To see the cattle safely in and give the hens their corn.

I’d always picked the apples and helped to clear the hive,

I’d even ridden with the hunt, when John was still alive.

Now no-one rides across the fields, our horses have been sold.

The doctor tells me – stay inside, I know I’m getting old.

The boy comes out into the yard and waves up to his gran.

I hope he’ll stay and run the farm when he becomes a man.

Well, I must go and bake that cake, all the family are coming today.

And I must remember to lay the beds, in case they decide to stay…

(Dated 26 10 1981)

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