Long Straw

Hello love

I do know that it’s like a completely different life for you now.

It would have been the same if it was me; I would have had to face the same things.

You have to accept that our life together is over, there’s no choice.  You need to be very adult, very mature, very sensible.

I know that you are clearing out my things with love and compassion, I see that you are taking responsibility for it all, on my behalf.  I wouldn’t want you to leave it for ever, for years.  You may as well tidy up, so you can move on.  I know you will be understanding of whatever you find, I trust you.

And though it may not feel like it, don’t forget that you’ve drawn the Long Straw.  Yes, you’re going through a horrible time, and yes, the loss is difficult.  But of the two of us, I lost my life, you still have yours.  So you have to be happy that you’re still alive and still able to see and enjoy things.  You must see and enjoy things on behalf of both of us.

So be strong, be mature.  And do what has to be done.

But you won’t forget me, will you?

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