Green zebra skirt


Oh really, when am I going to wear something like this?  What a ridiculous purchase!

But it was so wonderful, the colour, the feel of the material; I couldn’t resist.  From a shop in Brighton – not the first obscure item of clothing I have bought in that town, and which I hardly ever wear!

However, this skirt is going to symbolise the new, ‘alternative’, me!  Question is, will I ever pluck up courage to wear it?  People don’t wear skirts much at all these days, never mind long wacky indian print ones in bright colours!  With green and orange zebras on!

But why not?  I shall wear it next time I return to Brighton.

Red and Green


Today I put on a brand new light green top I bought at the South of England Show, but forgot that I changed from my black to a red handbag a couple of days ago, because a strap broke (and then I couldn’t be bothered to change my top).  I’m not exactly fashion conscious, but I felt like it was a mistake going out with this clash of green and red, and I was feeling self-conscious about it.  I thought to myself that what I needed was a scarf with red and green on it, which would bring the two colours together, and at the V&A shop (I keep going back to the V&A Museum cos I find the familiarity of it comforting and I like the cafe!) – I found just the thing, in fact I had a choice of two different red and green designs.  So I paid rather a lot of money to treat myself and make myself feel better about the red and green thing.  I asked them to cut the label off and wore the scarf straight away.

I don’t really see what’s wrong with red and green.  Red roses with green leaves.  Poppies in a field.  Wild strawberries.  It’s quite a ‘natural’ combination.  Anyway, I think my lovely new scarf saved the day.  The question is – will I ever deliberately wear that combination again?  Guess I’ll have to now.

(I’m aware that this is a pretty inane topic to write about.  What I need is a metaphor.  The scarf should symbolise something, bringing two extremes together.  Suggestions welcome!)