Red and Green


Today I put on a brand new light green top I bought at the South of England Show, but forgot that I changed from my black to a red handbag a couple of days ago, because a strap broke (and then I couldn’t be bothered to change my top).  I’m not exactly fashion conscious, but I felt like it was a mistake going out with this clash of green and red, and I was feeling self-conscious about it.  I thought to myself that what I needed was a scarf with red and green on it, which would bring the two colours together, and at the V&A shop (I keep going back to the V&A Museum cos I find the familiarity of it comforting and I like the cafe!) – I found just the thing, in fact I had a choice of two different red and green designs.  So I paid rather a lot of money to treat myself and make myself feel better about the red and green thing.  I asked them to cut the label off and wore the scarf straight away.

I don’t really see what’s wrong with red and green.  Red roses with green leaves.  Poppies in a field.  Wild strawberries.  It’s quite a ‘natural’ combination.  Anyway, I think my lovely new scarf saved the day.  The question is – will I ever deliberately wear that combination again?  Guess I’ll have to now.

(I’m aware that this is a pretty inane topic to write about.  What I need is a metaphor.  The scarf should symbolise something, bringing two extremes together.  Suggestions welcome!)

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