Appointment with a llama

Llama 2 only

I have finally achieved another animal experience I had set myself to undertake – ‘walking with llamas’.

As I drove down there I was thinking, I’ve got an appointment with a llama!

It was at Ashdown Forest Llama Park and I chanced on a beautiful sunny day.  My llama was large and dark coloured and walked alongside me very obediently and without issue. Only towards the end of the walk, when we crossed a golf course, did all the llamas tend to stop to crop grass as we walked.

It was an hour and a half with some uphill bits, and it was about at the limit of what I can manage in terms of fitness.  Very pleased to have done it successfully though, and really enjoyed the day.

It’s a great way to get some exercise in an interesting way, and also a way for someone on their own to go for a country walk with some company and in safety.

I want to do it again!



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