Dear Widow

I’m writing to you today to remind you to enjoy life.

You never know how long it’s going to last.

I see that it is a beautiful, glorious summer morning, and that you have been reading a book outside and watering the pots. I’m glad you are no longer neglecting them.  It’s true they don’t matter, compared to human life and death.  But why should they suffer, why should they die?  The hydrangeas are innocent!

I know it’s painful for you to see the big buddleia (goodness, what a complicated spelling!) bush in the next door garden, because that was a plant I particularly liked.  But I’m glad it’s there, it’s drawing the butterflies and it’s nice to think of them making themselves available for you to look at and enjoy.

And stop fretting about the fact that I can’t feel the sunshine any more. I can, I can feel it through you, because I’m still in your heart, I hope!  And anyway, it’s even nicer where I am.

Be calm my love, and enjoy life for both of us.

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