Another Painful Card

It was bad enough finding the ‘As long as there’s a me, as long as there’s a you – there’ll always be an us’ card.

Now I’ve found another difficult one, which despite being sad feels like the most precious treasure.

John was aware of when he was going to reach the age when his father died – he had worked out the date and must have told me.  The card is dated (presumably) the day after and I’ve written, ‘On the occasion of you outliving your father – CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR CONTINUED EXISTENCE’.


Well, at least he did reach that moment.  But the existence only continued for another 5 years.

Oh dear, I was always a very profound person anyway; bereavement is making me so profound and thoughtful about this sort of thing, I can’t bear it.  The only solution is to try to be harsh and put these things from your mind.  Is that the right thing to do?

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