West End Show: Memphis

  • I had never seen this show advertised anywhere and I notice it’s not in the main listings for some reason; I chanced upon it when a tube station was closed once and I ended up trying to catch a bus nearby.
  • I love going into things with no idea what to expect, and other than the implications from the title and the few pictures outside, I didn’t know what it would be about.
  • I thought it was fantastic, really really good musically, a great pleasure.
  • I am obviously behind the times because I didn’t realise until afterwards that the main lead was a famous X Factor person, Matt Cardle. This enabled me to form a judgement just based on his performance, rather than having an expectation from a famous person – and I thought he was vocally and acting-wise excellent.
  • Also the main woman is very well known and previously played Whitney Houston in another musical; this gives you an idea of the type of music and the type of singing – the type of ‘modern’, jazzy, florid singing I could never do.
  • There were some ‘dark’ scenes – maybe this is a prerequisite of shows, that they can’t be all pure froth and happiness – and of course the main theme and setting were serious. But I found it all very entertaining and well done.
  • Bought the CD and have been listening afterwards.
  • Absolutely love the idea of the guy who never speaks, but then at a crucial moment (so pleasingly predictably – you’d have been disappointed if it didn’t happen!), finds his voice – and it’s a brilliant voice and a lovely song.
  • Sort of sad that it’s not a 100% happy ending, but I guess more realistic.

Marks out of ten for general enjoyment/entertainment value: 9

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