West End Play: The Play That Goes Wrong

  • Okay but not as funny as it could have been
  • Nowhere near as funny as Noises Off which I always remember had me really laughing – so feels like a poor copy of that really
  • Didn’t like the deterioration into slapstick eg women bashing each other over the head with tray
  • Some too obvious ‘Basil Fawlty’ moments
  • What made me laugh most? Well actually the pavement sign outside theatre with a picture of Tom Cruise (very famous actor) saying, ‘Tom Cruise will not be appearing in tonight’s performance’, ie as if it’s a specific apology for that night but of course he isn’t appearing in it anyway!
  • The funniest joke was the reference at the beginning to previous plays which were short of performers, eg the Lion and the Wardrobe (I liked that!)
  • Things I thought would happen that didn’t:
    • One of the actors refers to the time being 11pm, but the very obvious clock is stuck on a completely different time (that’s the joke).  But I was so certain that we would see the clock slowly/surreptitiously being readjusted from inside until it said 11!  (It wasn’t)
    • Another joke is that they can’t find the dog, so when there’s a dog in the script, the actors have to pretend with an empty collar and lead.  I would definitely have had a real dog appear in the curtain call at the end!  Or at least a stuffed dog!

Marks out of ten for general enjoyment/entertainment value: 6

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