Dear John

Well, for 29 years I guess, I would have come back from doing the MOT and service and told you about what had happened, what had to be done and what the cost was.

Sometimes it was good news, sometimes it was bad.  Even last year it was an unexpected £600 or so, because all the breaks had to be done.  It was always a joint cost, so I would usually get it back from the joint account or it would go in the ‘book’ (our little ready reckoner of joint costs which tended to lapse because in general it always worked out even, when you did the calculation).

No-one to tell about the MOT now.  Except I can still tell you, I suppose.  It was just under £300, John.  Not too bad, just a few things like the reversing light and the brake fluid.  The car’s getting so old now, I’m sure MOT really will be the last one I do on it.

Well you don’t have to concern yourself with these things any more.  The cost is all mine.

It’s in these little things, though, this sharing of day to day life, that I will miss you so much.  (And in the big things of course.)

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