Royal Windsor Horseshow

I continue to amuse and console myself by going to all sorts of events – I’ve never been to as many as in this last year.

Crawling round some show or other, or attending a sporting event, or going to an antique market, or a new shopping centre, all serve to distract me and generally make me feel better than when I’m sitting at home alone feeling depressed.

This has been a year of ‘reckless leisure’ for me.  It cannot, of course, go on.

Decided to go to Windsor for this horse show on a complete whim, the day after I saw it mentioned on TV.  Went by train, found it was a long walk to the venue.  Absolutely loved the view of ranks of flowering chestnut trees around Windsor Castle, so beautiful.  Lots of pretty horses and perfect people riding them – another world!

It was so hot!  Especially trudging back to the train station laden down with horsey purchases.

Lovely day though.

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