HMS Pinafore, Brighton – Review


  • Wow! How amazing to have found so many men who are young and attractive and physically hunky, who can sing (albeit with light/show and not operatic voices), dance and have the good British English Gilbert & Sullivan needs.
  • Interesting to hear different male voice types, from low voices through light tenor to falsetto/countertenor.
  • The guy doing Buttercup stood out as very confident and with such perfect diction.
  • I found the idea at the end of people shedding their ‘camp’ accessories and rubbing off their make-up – sort of going back to the real world – strangely moving.


  • Considering the ticket price, disappointed it was only with piano and not orchestra – a bit amateurish.
  • Not even an attempt to vary the set eg after the interval – pretty basic.
  • Two people holding a rope to portray a ship’s rail is a nice simple production idea and is clever once – but boring repeatedly.
  • The falsetto voices don’t really work in chorus – the mixed ensembles seemed weak.
  • I was expecting a touch of the traditional updating of words to reflect current affairs, especially in the current climate, but it didn’t happen. Maybe it’s only done in The Mikado.

Overall really enjoyed it and would recommend the show.

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