West End Show: The Book of Mormon

  • Really enjoyed it!
  • It had never appealed to me before, I had assumed it would be mocking a religion, and so would be uncomfortable to watch and more cringe-worthy.
  • In fact it was… I can hardly put it into words.  Very clever, very deep.  Somehow hitting an exact mid point, so you’re mocking and you’re not mocking at the same time, you’re questioning but accepting at the same time, you’re using caricature characters, but knowingly.
  • I can’t believe that such heavy, serious issues (one in particular which a few years ago would never have been mentioned anywhere, never mind on a West End stage) manage to get tackled so frankly and openly, and yet thoughtfully and sensitively, in the context of a humorous musical.
  • It was utterly absorbing.
  • I love obviously predictable, theatrical moments.  The lights go out and you know there’ll be a surprise when they come on again – you’re not disappointed.  You know the ‘play’ the natives put on for the senior guy is going to be outrageous – it’s enjoyable to anticipate it.
  • The casting seemed spot on perfect – the young girl lead was fantastic, the way she looked and her acting in particular, but great voice as well.
  • I suppose it’s not one to take your puritanical mother to – it needs a modern, intelligent, thoughtful, liberal audience.

Marks out of ten for general enjoyment/entertainment value: 9

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