I Can See Our House From Here

My love

I wish I was with you, sitting on the sunny bench in our garden (in the flesh, I mean).

I wish I could hold you, that we could hug each other again.

Don’t be too despondent.  I am coming to terms with what has happened, as you are.

I understand your urge to be creative, but don’t let it overwhelm you.

If you never created anything, if you never achieved anything, it wouldn’t matter.

The most worthwhile thing in both our lives was the relationship.  Don’t forget that.

We loved each other, but it’s over.  What can either of us do about it?  Nothing.

The ending was not of our choosing, neither of us wanted it to end.

I saw that you found an old printout of our house from a Google aerial photo – before the back garden was done.

(Yes, I remember having to cut that grass – we were right to get rid of it.)

I’m like Google now, looking down on our house, our garden.

Able to zoom in at any time and remember my life with you fondly.

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