Watching Over You

Hello again

I’ve been watching over you.

I saw you today, walking up the ramp at East Croydon station, trying not to think of the times we did it together, coming back from holiday, dragging our cases.

I saw you walk past the place we met, not looking at it, trying not to get too sentimental.

I saw your stand off with the fox by the car park – I know you would’ve wanted to tell me about it.  But it’s okay, I was there too.  I see everything you see.

I saw you come home alone in the dark, and worried about you.

I’m sorry I’m not down there to protect you – I’ll try and do what I can from here.

I saw you do that secret thing.  Please don’t fret about it – I would’ve understood.

So take heart, I’ll always be keeping an eye out for you.

PS  I’m so sorry one of the fish died.

PPS  I notice you are still a) eating Chinese, b) putting salt on Chinese.  Stop!

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