Hello Darling!

Hello Darling!

It’s alright, I’m okay.  I’ve been enjoying the start of my immortal life, my eternal rest.

I’ve had some great conversations with God, Shakespeare, Nelson, President Kennedy and Princess Diana.  I play chess with Einstein (and sometimes John Lennon).  Ernest Hemmingway and Agatha Christie prefer Scrabble.

Mozart plays his new compositions for us (Glenn Miller conducts).  And I’m discussing painting techniques with Vincent Van Gogh (you wouldn’t believe what a great fan he is of contemporary sculpture!)

It’s wonderful not being at work!

And of course I’ve spent a lot of time catching up with my parents (they send their love).

The only downside of my current existence is worrying about poor you, left down there on earth without me.

I can’t say – ‘don’t grieve’, because we loved each other, so I know you will.

Believe it or not (despite my state of eternal bliss), I’m grieving as well.  I’m grieving over the rest of my life, which I didn’t get, and for not being with you any longer.

I can’t say – ‘don’t be sad’, because we were together for so long and shared so much, I would expect you to be sad.

I’m sad as well.  I don’t want to see you in pain or suffering because of what’s happened to me.

So I will say – have strength, my darling.  I’m looking down on you and I still care for you.  I will for eternity.

This too will pass.

Never forget I loved you.

Will be in touch again soon!

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